What does a typical kitchen remodel look like?

While there are many decisions that will impact the overall budget and timeline of a project, the following is an outline of what our typical kitchen remodels look like. Keep in mind, there are many hours on the front end of your project that are not figured into this outline. This time can be weeks or it can be hours. It just depends on how long the decision making process takes. Also not factored in is the lead time for cabinetry. These details will be spelled out when we walk thru the ordering process. Your exact timeline will vary due to the specific set of circumstances spelled out for your project. Contact us today to start the discussion about your kitchen remodel project.

Now that thats out of the way, we will share with you the process and timeline we find is typical for most clients.

NOTE: This timeline is a general outline of timeframe for your kitchen remodel. There are many things that can prolong your projects completion date. Examples include but are not limited to: inspections taking longer than expected, additional scope of work being requested or delays/defects in materials.

Prior to Week 1 start date

  • Design consultation

  • Pick out cabinets and have a firm delivery date

Week 1: This week will be loud and dusty for a period of time. Please ensure space is clear of all personal items. Any item considered “valuable” should be cleared from the area which project is taking place. While dust control measures will be in place, there will be some dust that sneaks thru.

  • Demolition of areas as stated in scope of work.

  • Preparation of areas for electrician and plumber

  • Rough electrical, plumbing and HVAC work and inspections as necessary.

  • Tile selections should be made by this time.

Week 2: The space will still be torn apart. Sub floor will be exposed and it will appear as if little progress is being made.

  • Floor preparation for flooring (if necessary and if tile or hardwood)

  • Insulation to be installed

  • Drywall to be installed and drywall finishing to start

Week 3: While still looking rough, space will start to take shape. In this week will experience the final major dust storm with sanding of drywall.

  • Drywall mud work to be completed

  • Sanding and clean up of drywall dust. Removal of dust control measures.

  • Clean up of space and surrounding areas.

  • Primer coat of paint on necessary areas.

Week 4: Flooring install.

  • Tile, glue down or nail down flooring to be installed.

  • Any special order parts should be arriving at this time.

  • Install of millworks that can be installed will be.

  • Have countertops selected from supplier.

  • Ensure correct amount of cabinets handles are on site

Week 5: The exciting times are coming. By now you’ve probably wondered why you chose to do this in the first place.. Rest easy, the payoff is just over the horizon!

  • Cabinetry install starts

  • Install of cabinet moldings

  • Install of cabinet handles

  • Countertop template to be made

  • Order backsplash tile if not previously done.

Week 6: This is a great time to start using your new space where possible.

  • Finish up cabinetry and finish carpentry as necessary

  • Start filling up drawers and making sure things are working as anticipated

  • Painter to come paint ceilings, walls and trim

  • Have your appliances delivered and installed where possible

Weeks 7 and 8: These weeks have the potential of being quiet. We will start to contact trades and setting dates for return to finish

  • Set a date for the plumber to return

  • He will need to wait 24hrs. after countertops are installed

  • Make sure all faucets, disposals etc. are on site.

  • Set a date for Electrician to return.

  • Make sure all lights, outlets etc. are on site.

Week 9: Things will be starting to come together this week.

  • Countertops to be installed

  • Tile backsplash to be installed

  • Finish electrical work to be completed

  • Finish Plumbing to be completed along with dishwasher.

  • Punch list to be started

Week 10: Finish line is close!

  • Vent hood to be installed

  • Punch list items will be addressed. Final walk thru to be completed.

  • Final balance due at this time

  • If any cabinetry issues remain at this time, warranty process will apply if item is on order. Final trip will be scheduled based on arrival date of product.

NOTE: Typical hours of work are starting between 8-10am. End time 4-5pm. We try hard to reserve weekends for spending time with our families.