What can I do to get ready for a project

We have had a few conversations, an on site visit and possibly a design phase up to this point. Now comes the day you have been waiting patiently for…. the start of your project.

But how will you know you’re ready for us? Here are 5 things we recommend:

  1. Make sure all of your valuable items are clear of the room to have work done in. Valuable means many different things here. It could be grandma’s favorite china bowl, a child’s gift to or your favorite artists painting. Rest assured, we will continue to take our many precautions to protect your belongings.

  2. Remove anything valuable off the walls in hallways that lead to the project or are on the other side of walls from your project.

  3. Be prepared for us to be requesting the use of your garage to make our mobile shop to make cuts as necessary. If there will be materials delivered to your house prior to our start date, your garage is typically the storage place for these.

  4. Pro- Tip: Cuts create dust. When the project is all done, we will clean up our mess!

  5. Projects tend to be noisy. Perhaps moving Zoom and conference calls to another area of the house would be best for the days we are on site.

  6. Have a plan for your pets. While most are just fine with strangers in their house, our presence along with the noise we make can be stressful on some animals. We love to come say “Hi” to them on our way in!