How much does a built in cost?

You’re looking at two dead spaces left and right of your fireplace, or maybe you’re tired of walking in your back door and having no place to hang anything. If that sounds like the daily struggle you’re having; we’re here to help! Lets jump into these projects to see what goes into them…

First up is a common problem of having space around your fireplace that just begs to have some kind of built in. These spaces come in all shapes and sizes and there are many ways to finish these spaces off. A quick search on Pinterest and you’ll be overwhelmed with choices. (we can help with this and that will be another blog post..)

We’ll go with a common layout here. Two spaces about 40″ wide with a fireplace in the middle and located on an end wall. These 40″ spaces create a dead zone and are amazing blank slates for us. Typically we fill these spaces with a few base cabinets, a piece of quartz countertop and open shelves or floating shelves for the upper space. Being lovers of symmetry, we match the same thing on the other side.

Now that we have a picture painted, we can talk about how much these typically cost.

With open shelf cabinets: $8,500-$9,000

With floating shelves: $6,500-$7,000

If you thought there were a lot of choices for the fireplace built ins, then you’re in for some choice overload for these lockers. We could talk for days about different options and just be scratching the surface. There are some typical options and choices that we see on a regular basis and this is what I’ll be basing pricing from.

These typical systems consist of a base that’s 2′ deep and as tall as your standard chair. The bottom has a place to sit down as well as set things down. The upper section has either real or simulated locker dividers. This area sits on the back half of the base leaving the front area open. Many of the lockers we install have a top section perfect for storing smaller items such as hats and gloves in the winter and sun hats and sunglasses in the summer. The overall width on these systems seem to work best between 3′-5′.

The last item of consideration is finish. Many of our lockers are painted and this is done on site. Once done, you’ll have a one of a kind built in that will last for years to come. With this picture painted we can discuss pricing for a 4′ wide 8′ tall locker system. The three options below assume a single color painted finish with painted wood bench seat.

Open base, simulated locker dividers and open top for baskets etc. $6,500 – $7,000

Base w/drawers, lockers w/side dividers and open top for baskets etc. $8,000 – $8,500

Base w/drawers, lockers w/dividers and doors, top with doors $9,500 – $10,000

While the numbers above are based on examples, your final numbers will be based on chosen features, materials and scope of work. We would love it if you filled out our project discovery sheet on the home page to get started on your project!