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Meet Owner Dan Rankin: A Professional Problem Solver With A Talent For Woodworking

Dan Rankin, the owner of Crossgrain Carpentry, fell in love with the creative side of the remodeling industry at an early age, right out of high school. Over the years, this love turned into a genuine passion for turning raw materials into something that homeowners can enjoy.

Dan has an intuitive desire and drive to create custom solutions to people’s pain points in their home, and considers himself a professional problem solver. While Crossgrain Carpentry was established in 2017, Dan has been doing what he does long before he started this company.

He also prioritizes surrounding himself with a team of talented craftsmen and carpenters who share his love for carpentry, remodeling, and the desire to make homeowners happy.

Caring About You Is What Sets Us Apart

Contractors are often perceived as cold and unapproachable, focused on getting the job done as fast as possible and cashing out right after.

At Crossgrain Carpentry, we’re on a mission to change that perception for good. Our main goal is to always keep you, the customer, front and center.

Through our unique process we take the time to get to know you by really listening to your needs and your vision for your home. Because when we listen to what you really want, the end result can only exceed your expectations.

While we work on your project, we have open, honest, and frequent communication, and this helps everything run as smoothly as possible. At the end of the day, we don’t want to just build some cabinets. We want to build a meaningful relationship with you, our client, and help you truly materialize your vision for your home.

Our Philosophy and Approach

Through our unique process we take the time to get to know you by really listening to your needs and your vision for your home… At the end of the day, we don’t want to just build some cabinets. We want to build a meaningful relationship with you, our client, and help you truly materialize your vision for your home.

Meet Our Team

Craftsmanship, Passion, and Dedication: The Pillars of Crossgrain Carpentry

Dan Rankin

Owner & Master Craftsman
With a lifelong passion for woodworking and creative remodeling, Dan has built Crossgrain Carpentry from the ground up. His dedication to excellence and his natural talent for turning raw materials into stunning pieces of artistry have made Crossgrain what it is today. Dan's vision is to transform homes through craftsmanship while enhancing lives through thoughtful and beautiful design.

Matt Totton

Lead Carpenter
Matt started his early life as a Zamboni Driver, making the smoothest ice north of the Mason-Dixon Line! After deciding the ice rink life wasn't his long term career path, He decided to venture into the construction industry. Matt got a degree in Construction Management, which later led him to his career job as a Superintendent for a large GC in the greater Detroit area. He spent over 12 years overseeing various complex healthcare projects. For a hot second he had a short run at being a project manager for a large mechanical contractor, which he learned that he enjoyed being in the field rather than behind a desk. Suddenly life came to a screeching halt when covid came to town. During his time off during the “lockdown" he decided that he was going to chase his dream of starting @mt_builds, which is a residential remodeling company. After 3 years of being on his own, he decided to team up with the Crossgrain team with a goal to start taking over Michigan one home renovation at a time! He is also one of the amazingly handsome hosts of Sweat and Grime Podcast, which is geared towards giving the working class tradesmen and women a platform to tell their stories.

Devin Chimino

Apprentice Carpenter
Devin Chimino is a promising Apprentice Carpenter at Crossgrain Carpentry, known for his passion for craftsmanship and dedication to learning. Under the guidance of experienced craftsmen, Devin has honed his skills in both traditional techniques and innovative solutions. His work spans various projects, emphasizing attention to detail and a deep commitment to creating beautiful, functional spaces. Devin's pursuit of excellence in carpentry is driven by his desire to transform wood into lasting stories within each home. As he continues to grow with Crossgrain Carpentry, Devin's contributions are marked by precision, quality, and a genuine love for his craft.

Craftsmanship Is Our Specialty. Here’s What Our Customers Say...


Dan did an amazing job on my stair remodel. His work is high quality and he is very professional and punctual.

He was very responsive to issues from other contractors that required modifications after his work was completed. I would highly recommend him for any home improvement needs.



Dan from Crossgrain Carpentry is AWESOME! He is a true talent and has a great knack for knowing what to do.

This is the third time my husband and I have worked with Dan for home improvements. The first time he flawlessly hung our new kitchen cabinets, then he hung new paneling in our basement after a flood, and now in our new house, he has completely transformed our master bathroom into an updated dream!

He is very responsive, coordinates all the different jobs and people who do them, from the plumber to the electrician and completed the job on time!

Our next project is to update our walkout basement – refinish the shelves on the back wall and build a bar all in a barn wood/rustic theme – and I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else.

I trust Dan’s opinion wholeheartedly. If you want an expert who does a fantastic job, contact Dan from Crossgrain Carpentry!



I had a small job in an area of my kitchen that almost no one will see. Dan Rankin is a pro.

The quality and care of his craftsmanship shined through even in my small “hidden” job. Dan’s attention to detail, even in an area not visible to the human eye was remarkable.

I highly recommend Dan Rankin and Crossgrain Carpentry.


Join Our Team

At Crossgrain Carpentry, we’re more than just a team – we’re a family of creative minds, skilled hands, and passionate hearts. We’re looking for individuals who don’t just see carpentry and design as a job, but as a craft and a way to make a meaningful impact.

Why Work With Us?

Pursue Your Passion

Here, your love for woodworking, design, and quality craftsmanship will be more than appreciated – it will be celebrated.

Grow and Learn

We believe in nurturing talent, offering opportunities for professional growth and learning. With us, you’ll expand your skills and push the boundaries of creativity and quality.

Be Part of Something Bigger

Your work will directly transform homes and lives, creating spaces that resonate with comfort, beauty, and functionality.

Ready to craft a career that you can be proud of? Join us at Crossgrain Carpentry, where every project is a new opportunity to excel. Click below to fill out the Employment Consideration Form. Let’s build greatness together.

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